1.7m families to get power within 5 years

With financial support from international donors, the Ministry of Electric Power will extend electrical power to 1.7 million people over the next five years, deputy minister U Maw Thar Htwe told at parliament.We will implement this five-year project with foreign financial assistance, of which 60 percent will come from World Bank and 40pc from international aid programs,” U Maw Thar Htwe told MPs on September 23.

The ministry is drafting a national energy policy with support from the Asian Development Bank, as well as a national electric power policy with the help of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and a national electrification plan with World Bank assistance.

The main objective of these plans is to distribute power to all parts of the country within the next 16 years, U Maw Thar Htwe said. The ministry would also expand power distribution networks nationally, while creating separate power grids with short-term plans in remote areas where network extension is likely to take longer.

Currently, access to electricity is enjoyed by about 30pc of the population, but it is expected to increase to 47pc in 2020, 75pc in 2025 and to the entire country by 2030.